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What Is Our Body’s PH Acidic or Alkalized?

PH is Potential Hydrogen or the acid-alkaline balance of our blood.  Like a swimming pool if we are too acidic we wont function optimally. When acidic we can have low energy, arthritis, poor memory, skin conditions, weight gain, insomnia, headaches, bloating, muscle pain, cramping and insomnia plus present with other inflammation. A Nobel Prize was awarded in 1931 to Otto Warburg for discovering that cancer (and inflammation) can’t thrive in an alkaline, oxygenated environment. It can only grow in an acidic environment.

When we are acidic our blood is sluggish with our red blood cells stick together depleting oxygenation causing fatigue. The problem is in today’s society we consume too many acid forming foods — wheat, dairy, meat, seafood, sugar, coffee, tea, fizzy drinks, alcohol and processed foods.

A chocolate bar or a lemon —which food do you think is more acidic? 

Lemons taste acidic but consumed they don’t create an acidic state in your body. So when we talk about acidic foods, we’re referring to the changes in the acidity levels within the body once that food is ingested. 

Most acidic foods don’t taste acidic but create acidity within the body. 
Over time, highly acidic diets mean that the body has to work harder to neutralize its acidic state. The body’s organs work harder to keep the PH levels balanced. One of the ways our body neutralizes these acidic foods is by using more minerals like calcium and magnesium impairing the digestive function and can lead to lots of conditions like osteoporosis. In an acidic environment the body has to excrete mucous into the bowel to protect itself from inadequately digested food. If this happens too often the mucous becomes hardened and impairs food absorption. This hardened mucous is very difficult to remove and becomes a breeding ground for parasites, candida etc As time goes on the organs start to break down, and generally speaking, this is where most disease originates.

Great news you can easily alkalise your body. Our blood should be alkaline, with a pH of 7.35 and 7.45, our diet should reflect this. To alkalise the body quickly, we recommend a high alkalising food plan  with lots of greens reducing acidic foods.

At Life Synergy we can test your Ph levels and guide you with a balanced acid alkaline food plan to help maintain your health and wellness today.

By Bianca Richardson

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