Nutrition is the fuel that provides the energy to sustain all of life’s functions. Food supplies us with the nutrients that nourish the body so that it may continually provide key enzymatic activity to aid the body’s daily functions. There are 11 systems in our body performing different roles. To maintain balance and the proper coordination of these systems we need to provide them with fuel. The fuel is food!

A medical nutritionist is a professional person that engages with people that feel they are either not well, are unbalanced, or suffer from disorders or diseases. Disorders include mental health, infertility, women’s conditions such as PCOS, endometriosis, menopause, PMS, hormonal irregularities such as metabolic syndrome, DM2, weight gain or extreme weight loss, anorexia nervosa and cancer.

Living in the 21st century has made healthy living more of a challenge as we are more stressed and have more access to genetically modified, processed and packaged food.

It is our belief at Life Synergy that food is medicine. Our bodies are like gardens – we prepare the soil, we plant the seeds, and we nourish it with good nutrients so that it   may grow and flourish. We provide water and sunlight enabling it to bear fruit or burst into flower. If we do not tend to the weeds or provide it with too much or not enough, it will slowly wither, attract harmful insects, or accumulate mould that will end up destroying the plant.