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Are You Breathing Correctly?

Inhale…Exhale How much importance do you give to breathing? I know what you’re thinking… how could I be breathing ‘wrong’?! Unfortunately due to it being such an automatic pattern, the majority of people simply don’t think twice about breathing.

Are You Using Your Diaphragm? To understand how well you are breathing and if you are breathing using your diaphragm, lie on your back and place one hand on your chest and one on your stomach. Now take a deep breath in through your nostrils to the count of four. Is your stomach rising or your chest rising? Ideally your stomach should be pushing outward first, and if you take a very deep breath, the chest should rise. If you breathe deeply in your upper chest, your shoulders will move.

Practice Mindful Breathing – A formal breath practice can be done sitting or lying down in a comfortable position. (If you are sitting place both feet on the floor and keep your back upright. If you are lying, try placing your palms face down on the lower abdomen, enabling you to feel the breath enter the lower belly.) ­- Slowly breathe in and out effortlessly letting go of any thoughts and solely focusing on the breath. ­- Feel the breath coming into the body through the nostrils with complete awareness that you are breathing in, feeling the abdomen expand and the breathe enter your entire body from head to toe. ­- Feel the breath leave the body with complete awareness that you are breathing out.

Helps in Maintaining a Healthy Body and Mind Our breathing is the link between our body and our mind and for it to function oxygen is needed. Below is a more extensive list of mindful breathing benefits; ­- Releases tension – Relaxes the body and mind – Improves posture – Relaxes the nervous system – Strengthens lung capacity – Boosts energy levels ­- Improves stamina ­- Strengthens the heart ­- Alleviates stress and anxiety ­- Boots the immune system ­- Increases positive emotions and decreases negative emotions ­ Improves our patience ­- Relieves pain

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