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The Connection: Your gut and your emotional health


More recently scientists are proving this gut to brain barrier connection. Our gut is not only responsible for digestion and assimilation of our food and drinks but it is also known as our second brain or emotional brain (enteric nervous system).

Independently our Enteric Nervous System consists of half a billion neurons regulating our moods, behavior and emotions. We have the same number of neurons lining our gut as we have in our spinal cords. The Gut even looks like our brain!

The enteric nervous system is in total control of your digestion from the moment we swallow the food to the moment when the waste removal from the body. It also protects the body against harmful bacteria and toxins that may enter with food. Food allergies or sensitivities can affect how people feel too.

As well nearly every brain chemical that has been identified in the brain is also found in our ENS. With approximately 95% of our body’s total serotonin (the neurotransmitter that is involved in helping us to feel happy or sad) I is found in our GUT.

This is the reason why people on drugs like Prozac for depression can experience digestive problems as their medication affects the levels of serotonin in their gut.

It even seems that having the right balance of gut bacteria and flora (those micro-organisms that aid our digestion) may influence the way we feel. The gut is also responsible not only for digestion, emotional health but also for helping keep our immune system in balance.

Improving your gut bacteria can help to improve not only your general health but also your emotional health! There are various strains of probiotic strains. Please contact us at Life Synergy to work out which probiotic would suit you best.

Article by Life Synergy practitioner, Bianca Richardson.

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