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Our eyes are our windows of health and wellbeing: What do your eyes reveal with Iridology?


Iridology was first developed in the early 1800’s by a doctor named Ignatz von Pezcely in Hungary. He had found an injured owl that had a broken leg. One of the owl’s eyes had a black line but as the leg healed, a white mark appeared where the dark mark was. Since this time iridology’s findings have continued to evolve by many scientists, doctors, and health professionals around the world.

My Grandmother – Dr. Kath Aiken used iridology for over 45 years in every consultation with a magnifying glass and a torch shining in the eye. Now with technology we simply take photos of the iris to show you also what is happening in your body.

Everyone has a different iris like everyone has a different fingerprint. Iridology is like reading a map of the iris divided into 60 sections. Every line, pigmentation and colour all resemble what is presenting within. These various markings can reveal:

Your body’s genetic constitution

Digestive tendencies

Inflammatory or congestive areas

How well nutrients are absorbed


Hereditary markings plus lots more

Overall the iris is divided up like a clock into segments relating to the bodies individual parts then also divided into rings around the iris.

Innermost Ring- The stomach.

Second Ring – The small & large intestines

Third Ring – Lymphatic and Circulation

Fourth Ring – Parts of our body

Fifth Ring – Musculo-skeletal system

Outer Ring – Skin & Elimination

“Nerve fibres in the iris respond to changes in body tissues by manifesting a reflex physiology that corresponds to specific tissue changes and locations.” Dr. Bernard Jensen

Also the colour and degree of colour light or dark of the iris can resemble health ailments too. What colour are your Eyes – either blue, brown or a mixture of the two?

I use this tool to assess all my clients to assist with underlying imbalances within the body to assist with further investigations of general inherited strengths and weakness, and current health conditions. Everyone should have their eyes analysed to help reach your optimal health. Our eyes are our windows of health and wellbeing.

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