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Team Life Synergy complete their Detox


Team Life Synergy together joined lots of our clients to complete a personalised 6 week healthy gut for a Healthy mind Detox program .

How do we feel now?

“After my detox, I feel clearer and cleaner both physically and mentally”

“I have lost 4kgs of fat” “I have lost 9kg”

“My skin has cleared I forgot how severe it was till I saw a photo on my phone”

“I have a flat stomach now I was bloated every day”

“With my diabetes my blood sugar levels have balanced”

“I can’t ever really remember feeling this amazing in my life – thank you and the 6 weeks went so quickly”

Although I live a balanced lifestyle, I too completed the detox. I now feel more energised, clearer plus lighter now losing 4 kg of fat myself. Like we clean our pool filter, our car’s oil filters – everyone’s body’s filters require cleaning too. A detox is simply a cleanse for our body.

Our liver the major filter for detoxification of everything that enters our body – not only dietary toxins, but also our wastes, hormones, neurotransmitters, etc.

So if the liver is not working properly, you won’t be either. A healthy liver filters all the toxins out of the blood, rendering them safe for elimination in the bile (which enters the gut via the gall bladder and is eliminated in the stool), or via kidneys as urine. A sick liver can’t do its job efficiently, so the toxins re-circulate to impact the immune system and trigger inflammation and disease.

So all we have to do is ‘keep it clean’ with detoxifying it as well as consistent mindful eating, breathing, exercise and regular individual reviews to keep you on track.

There are also many tests and assessments that can be done. A good place to start is looking at our skin and tongue or in the clinic we can look at your live blood for a thorough indication of your health.

If you repair your gut, support detoxification, reduce inflammation, get rid of the microbial infection and then re-populate your gut with healthy bacteria, you’ll be on your way optimal health.

Please contact us if you would like a personalised detoxification program so you too can enjoy the benefits.

By Bianca Richardson– Naturopath @ Life Synergy Acupuncture & Natural Medicine Clinic

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