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What Fingernails Say About Your Health…


Our nails can determine our bodies general heath.

Fine grooves running horizontal on your fingernails may reveal that you suffered a serious illness a few months earlier. Illness often slows nail growth and produces ridges in the nail root. The ridges grow out with time.

Grooves running vertical on your fingernail may indicate a mineral deficiency of silica. Silica is an important mineral for reorganising the absorption of calcium.

SILICA – rich food sources: Alfalfa, almonds, peanuts, sunflower seeds, strawberries, apples, grapes & onions.

White flecks can be due to a mineral deficiency in particular zinc.

Zinc is beneficial for our immune system, hair, skin, nails, hormones and males prostate glands.

ZINC – Rich food sources: Oysters, fish, pumpkin seeds and nuts.

Whits flecks may also be caused by a minor injury such as a knock to the matrix – the growing part of the nail. The flecks will grow out in time.

Anemia (iron deficiency) is sometimes a cause if the nails are pale or white. We ca request further testing for confirmation.

IRON – Rich food sources: Green vegetables, nuts, parsley, beef, chicken, fish, eggs, oats & soybeans.

Bent nails may indicate an iron deficiency – Anemia.


The colour of the nail beds to determine whether you are receiving enough oxygen. A pale colour will indicate a poor peripheral circulation.

At Life Synergy our practitioners can determine whether there are any deficiencies from looking at your blood, eyes, pulse, tongue as well as your nails!

Article by Bianca Richardson.

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