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The facts about Zinc and all its amazing benefits!


Did you know that your cells need zinc on a daily basis? The adult body contains approximately 2.0 to 3.0 g of it, mostly stored inside your cells. Zinc has far­ reaching actions which affect the health of your entire body.

If you experience any of the following symptoms, your Zn levels may be low:

Poor appetite,

Recurrent colds, flus and/or infections; Reduced sense of taste and/or smell;

Sluggish digestion;

Slow growth and development;

Slow healing, acne and other skin conditions;


Sugar cravings; and/or

Stress, anxiety, and depression.

Many people are deficient in zinc. Deficiency can be due to inadequate dietary intake, increased physiological needs, or a diet high in sugar or alcohol.

At Life Synergy our practitioners can do a simple Zn test to determine if you have a Zn deficiency. The test involves holding a zinc solution in your mouth for 10 seconds and assessing your taste response. The test relies on the presence of gustin, a Zn dependant enzyme. A lack of Zn reduces the activity of gustin, therefore altering your taste perception.


supports healthy immunity

improves appetite and digestive function

increases the healing rate of acne and wounds

plays a key role in blood sugar metabolism, for greater blood sugar control

aids growth and development

is an important nutrient during pregnancy for both mother and baby

is important for male health, fertility and sperm production, increasing sperm motility and concentration, production, increasing sperm motility and concentration, therefore enhancing the chances of conception.

helps control thoughts and memory

has a positive impact on mental function and mood.

You can top up your Zn levels by increasing the intake of zinc­ rich foods including:






For vegetarians:


Whole grains



If you need more zinc, talk to your Practitioner about taking a zinc supplement to increase your levels. The more zinc your body can absorb, the greater benefits it will deliver in improving your health and wellbeing!

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