Anxiety, Depression, Mental Wellbeing

How Transformational Acupuncture can support your mental wellness

We all want to feel good in both our bodies and mind, but the reality is that many of us struggle with some form of mental illness.

For some of us, the pain in our bodies brings us down and can lead to depression and anxiety.

Life Synergy strives to help our patients – one step at a time – towards mental wellness.

And we invest a lot of time, energy and effort into our patient’s mental wellness because we understand that the health of the mind is one of the most significant struggles for people in the beautiful communities we lean into.

Let’s face it; mental health is the number one significant health concern around the world right now.

Our Life Synergy wellness experts are passionate about helping improve the mental health of everyone who walks through our clinic doors.

Life Synergy was thrilled to host New South Wales Dr Alex Joannou for a three-day seminar at our Brisbane clinic on March 10-12.

Dr Alex is a dedicated teacher with an impressive combination of 35 years of knowledge and practice as a family physician and has worked as an acupuncturist for 20 years.

After 400,000 patient consultations and 60,000 acupuncture treatments, he has a deep insight into the complex relationship between the body, mind and spirit.

It was an absolute joy for Life Synergy to host the interactive workshop so other healers could learn how Dr Alex’s Transformational Acupuncture method can help treat mental health conditions like anxiety, depression and stress.

Life Synergy owner Jonathan Yang has been using the Transformational Acupuncture technique specifically tailored to support better mental health on his patients for the past eight years.

“Over the weekend, we were able to use Transformational Acupuncture on some of our Brisbane patients who have been receiving regular acupuncture with Life Synergy to support their mental wellness,” Jonathan said.

“These patients received Transformational Acupuncture over two days, and we saw some wonderful improvements.

“We measured the changes through our questionnaires, and not only did their mental wellness scores significantly improve, but the patients also told us how much better they felt.

“This showed us that you don’t have to wait a week between treatments; you can often get better results when you treat two days in a row.

Transformational Acupuncture taps into Traditional Chinese Medicine, Psych-K, and Ayurvedic understanding of chakras, sacred geometry and the power of intuition.

We have successfully incorporated Transformational Acupuncture to enhance mental wellness in our patients using traditional medicinally-based mental health treatments, including medicine and psychology.

Transformational Acupuncture has helped many Life Synergy patients struggling with anxiety and depression and enabled some of our patients to stop taking strong medication.

If you want to learn more about Transformational Acupuncture, Dr Alex has written two books: Stick it to Depression, Get Your Life Back Naturally and Stick it to Depression, Another Tool in Your Doctor’s Bag.

At Life Synergy, Jonathan Yang, Rachel Woo and Evan McColgan are all trained in Transformational Acupuncture. If you want to talk to us about how Transformational Acupuncture can support your mental health, please call one of our friendly administration team to book your appointment.