Jan is a psychologist with a deep enthusiasm for listening to people’s stories whilst helping them connect with their inner strengths and realise their therapeutic goals.


Jan Bracher

Jan is a psychologist with a deep enthusiasm for listening to people’s stories whilst helping them connect with their inner strengths and realise their therapeutic goals.
Whilst bringing over 30 years of experience as a psychotherapist and completing extensive studies in psychology, hypnosis, body psychotherapy and mindfulness Jan considers herself a lifelong learner and is passionate about integrating new ideas and research at the forefront of therapy practice.

What can Jan Bracher offer you?
Jan is a compassionate therapist with whom anything can be discussed. Knowing there is the space and freedom to unburden and explore any issue is an essential beginning for developing mental and emotional wellbeing.
As human beings we all carry scars from difficult experiences or conditions in our lives that continue to have a limiting or negative impact on us. Whilst it may be of some consolation to know all this is entirely normal it does not necessarily resolve the emotional pain and anguish that can accompany these issues.
Fortunately there is a wealth of tools and possibilities available for unpacking and resolving these difficulties. In fact with the right tools and exploration our very problems often become gateways to our deeper selves and the seeds for realising our true potential.
Jan enjoys working with people facing a diverse range of issues including: depression, anxiety, stress, grief, addictions, issues related to health and illness, life transitions, relationships, and personal development.
Her practice focuses on working with adults and older adolescents from a wide range of backgrounds. She has a flexible approach to counselling, treating each client as an individual and structuring each session to meet the needs of the client.

What happens during a session?

It is usually a big decision to come and see someone new and share the significant issues you are struggling with. More than likely, if you could possibly resolve it yourself, or with someone close, you probably would. However, beginning to share what has been really difficult and emotionally charged with someone who is not involved in your life in any other way, and is deeply attentive and respectful, is usually relieving and taking a huge step towards resolving the difficulty.
Confiding with friends or family can also be complicated as it is rare for people, even with the best intentions, to be completely impartial or withhold their own judgments and opinions, and allow you complete space to explore your issue with respectful impartiality.
As a highly experienced professional Jan understands the significance of taking the first step of choosing a therapist and beginning a conversation about personal concerns. Jan also understands how essential it is to feel comfortable and supported in the therapeutic setting and relationship, and makes every effort to provide this. However on the occasion where there does not seem to be the right fit, Jan is happy to help find a therapist more suitable.
Sessions begin by hearing about your primary concerns and most desirable outcomes. Further questioning and listening helps these become clearer and get to the real crux of the issue. From here there are many ways to resolve the central difficulty.

How much does it cost?

Fee is $140 for a 50 to 60 minute session.
Medicare Rebates of approximately $94/session are available for 6-10 sessions a year, if clients have been referred from their GP with a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP).
Private Health Rebates may also apply depending on the specific conditions of the client’s health fund.
Bulk Billing is available for people on a CentreLink benefit with a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP).
Payment is required on completion of the session.
There is also other funding support through work based EAP, DVA, Open Arms, Victims Services and other organisations.

How can I find out more?

Jan is happy to discuss any questions or concerns with you prior to the first appointment.